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Chevron - Revenue Analyst

“The Women's Leadership Development was excellent it allowed us to dig into our personality traits by using the DiSC profile, it also helped us identify how well we work with others and how to adjust when needed. I also enjoyed the open discussions that allowed us to see how other people deal with diversity and inclusion and how important it is becoming within companies. Thanks for hosting us! I look forward to upcoming events like this.”


Leadership Lunches Microlearning

Thrilled to announce Leadership Lunches. Leadership Microlearning at its best!

With 261 workdays per year, EAR Leadership is creating 261 different leadership videos to watch during your lunch hour to immediately apply what you've learned. 

EAR Leadership has created a private forum on the website for discussions and leadership aids, infographics, and assessments to download during the Leadership Lunches videos for those who are enrolled in Leadership Lunches.

We videotape Leadership Lunches in our training room at our office in Houston, TX. 

We offer 3 different levels to suit your needs: a daily rate, monthly rate or annual rate - your choice. 


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