Discover the Power of WE
Discover the Power of WE
Get To Know Everything DiSC
Get To Know Everything DiSC
DiSC Workplace Introduction
DiSC Workplace Intro

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation begins with each team player taking an online assessment. Shortly afterwards, an in-person or virtual Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation session follows utilizing completed assessments. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation consists of three 90-minute modules plus two optional modules. 

Therefore, depending on your time, we offer a half day or full day facilitation, either in person or virtually. 

Details may be found by clicking on the order now button below. 

Half day facilitation in person $5,000

Half day facilitation virtually $3,000

Full day facilitation in person $8,000

Full day facilitation virtually $5,000

You may have up to 35 people in a course, each person requires an Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst Base Experience, $72 per person. This includes an assessment, access to the Catalyst Platform, and a Your DiSC Profile report. 

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