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Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation begins with each team player taking an online assessment. Shortly afterwards, an in-person or virtual Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation session follows utilizing completed assessments. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation consists of three 90-minute modules plus two optional modules. 

Therefore, depending on your time, we offer a half day or full day facilitation, either in person or virtually. 

Details may be found by clicking on the order now button below. 

Half day facilitation in person $5,000

Half day facilitation virtually $3,000

Full day facilitation in person $8,000

Full day facilitation virtually $5,000

You may have up to 35 people in a course, each person requires an Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst Base Experience, $72 per person. This includes an assessment, access to the Catalyst Platform, and a Your DiSC Profile report. 

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